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Solid Poppers

New age promotional product probably here to stay Solid Poppers including Liquid gold. Designed to heat up and release the aroma but don’t heat these poppers up too much as they will melt! Wax based with poppers liquid held in suspension!  Brilliant idea and one which has already attracted the big boys as caring a […]

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Mobile Friendly Poppers

We have been informed that the site liquid gold poppers is not a mobile friendly one, but the good news is that it is now! Modern tech for us oldies used to the old fashion way of talking needs a bit of time to play catch up but now realising the usage of smart phones […]

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Black Gold

Don’t get confused with liquid gold with black gold One is oil and the other is poppers. Most of the Arab states know the black liquid as gold as when taken from the ground, prices can sometimes be equal or more than solid gold itself. Oil extraction is a complicated but lucrative business , just […]

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Buy Rush Poppers

One of our sister websites promotes Rush Poppers and so why not buy Rush Poppers there to accompany your Liquid Gold Poppers purchases. PWD is the manufacturer and its like liquid gold a well established brand name and users of Rush tend to be loyal to their brand just like the Liquid Gold fan club

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