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Poppers in the USA. Poppers in the UK. Poppers in DE.

Black Gold

Don’t get confused with liquid gold with black gold One is oil and the other is poppers. Most of the Arab states know the black liquid as gold as when taken from the ground, prices can sometimes be equal or more than solid gold itself. Oil extraction is a complicated but lucrative business , just look at the extremes some go to obtain it. The North Sea has some large reserves as does Siberia but the conditions of work are atrocious but very profitable.  Companies such as British Petroleum and Shell are big players and many politicians and military folk start and end wars about the black stuff in the name of peace but in reality in the name of money / business.

There is also a reference to a 2006 film called Black Gold and no guesses to what it’s about. Ethiopians are in essence not digging for gold but for coffee! Farmers work tirelessly to trade in coffee and teetering on the edges of bankruptcy whilst the world stock exchanges grow rich on the revenues. The prices paid to the working farmers in east Africa are a pittance to what the real value of coffee is worth so whilst you may be searching for the aroma and find black liquid or coffee it’s the end result that counts and that’s liquid gold poppers