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Liquid Gold Poppers

Yes! Buy Online Direct and save your money! Shop online for your Liquid Gold Poppers and cut out the middle men. Save even more by payments in Sterling or Euros.

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Our warehouse is in Mainland Europe We are efficient and stock all major brands of popper Liquid Gold Poppers are a mainland favourite but so are Rush and Push plus we have so many poppers brands that you will be spoiled for choice and no one can beat us on our monthly specials or bulk order buy. So don't delay! "Shop online for your golden Poppers today"!

Rush Poppers

A well known brand name Rush Poppers and a definite market leader. There have been some changes of late  and new formulas have been developed including a super strong extra rush poppers product which has now hit our warehouse shelves. the owner of PWD allegedly committed suicide last year and there were many rumours and stories circumnavigating the web about the future of the company but now as the dust settles we stock rush Its available at some great prices and has the Captain Rush logo which identifies the product.

Rush has been around for years and is well know especially in the U.S.A and Main land Europe Since the 70’s rush has been used on the dance club floors and for sex between parties.

We Rush poppers out daily to our customers Rush comes normally in a 9ml bottle and has a highly visible   and well branded label. We currently have normal and extra strong poppers and the price for a single bottle is under 10 Euros but we often do incorporate Rush into our monthly specials and the prices therefore are reduced by a large margin sometimes as low as 5 Euros!