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Solid Poppers

New age promotional product probably here to stay Solid Poppers including Liquid gold. Designed to heat up and release the aroma but don’t heat these poppers up too much as they will melt! Wax based with poppers liquid held in suspension!  Brilliant idea and one which has already attracted the big boys as caring a aluminum tin in your pocket and being able to store them at room temperature is a bonus. Of course storage from our shop and into your fridge will enable you to buy a Longer live poppers product. Not liquid but still gold 🙂 .

Solid wax based Poppers

Solid wax based Poppers

How to activate the aroma , well as the poppers are held in suspension contained in a wax the tin should be allowed to breathe or open the tin and smear some of the contents where required, probably beneath your nose, re seal the tin and place it back in your pocket. just don’t let them be left in a hot environment like outside in the strong sun or near the cooker. End of the day have fun!