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Liquid Gold Poppers

Yes! Buy Online Direct and save your money! Shop online for your Liquid Gold Poppers and cut out the middle men. Save even more by payments in Sterling or Euros.

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Our warehouse is in Mainland Europe We are efficient and stock all major brands of popper Liquid Gold Poppers are a mainland favourite but so are Rush and Push plus we have so many poppers brands that you will be spoiled for choice and no one can beat us on our monthly specials or bulk order buy. So don't delay! "Shop online for your golden Poppers today"!

Solid Poppers

New age promotional product probably here to stay Solid Poppers including Liquid gold. Designed to heat up and release the aroma but don’t heat these poppers up too much as they will melt! Wax based with poppers liquid held in suspension!  Brilliant idea and one which has already attracted the big boys as caring a aluminum tin in your pocket and being able to store them at room temperature is a bonus. Of course storage from our shop and into your fridge will enable you to buy a Longer live poppers product. Not liquid but still gold 🙂 .

Solid wax based Poppers

Solid wax based Poppers

How to activate the aroma , well as the poppers are held in suspension contained in a wax the tin should be allowed to breathe or open the tin and smear some of the contents where required, probably beneath your nose, re seal the tin and place it back in your pocket. just don’t let them be left in a hot environment like outside in the strong sun or near the cooker. End of the day have fun!

Mobile Friendly Poppers

We have been informed that the site liquid gold poppers is not a mobile friendly one, but the good news is that it is now! Modern tech for us oldies used to the old fashion way of talking needs a bit of time to play catch up but now realising the usage of smart phones tablets ect our site can bring to our shop online a new more internet savvy way of sales cheap poppers for all.



We have as always ways of promoting our online shop enabling you to buy poppers and try out new comers to the scene. Generally catering for the gay market. Liquid gold has always been up there but now with extra strong special niche ones can find their place, marketing them selves at discounted price. Promoting via our online shop and aligning themselves with super deals like buy one get one free and discounted prices for bulk volume sales.
Not rocket science but a crucial way of advertising to clients and now with our new more mobile friendly site who knows! English extra strong poppers a new product relatively speaking. Now available in a larger bottle and combined with liquid or pure gold can get itself out there to the masses. Everyone is a winner!
Of course we not only supply poppers we have other “related “products like electro stimulators underwear condoms and lubricants. Shopping online enables you to buy , get a discrete delivery and most importantly save some money. We don’t ship to Austria and countries that don’t allow poppers usage. That said we do ship but the end users may not get what they pordered to due to customs interception so its up to you to find ou prior if poppers are allowed in your own home towns.

Brand named poppers

Brand named poppers

Another word of warning is that countries that are hot like the Arab states could see your product left in the sun and be exposed to heat and therefore leakages and venting due to liquid expansion. Fore armed is fore warned.

Black Gold

Don’t get confused with liquid gold with black gold One is oil and the other is poppers. Most of the Arab states know the black liquid as gold as when taken from the ground, prices can sometimes be equal or more than solid gold itself. Oil extraction is a complicated but lucrative business , just look at the extremes some go to obtain it. The North Sea has some large reserves as does Siberia but the conditions of work are atrocious but very profitable.  Companies such as British Petroleum and Shell are big players and many politicians and military folk start and end wars about the black stuff in the name of peace but in reality in the name of money / business.

There is also a reference to a 2006 film called Black Gold and no guesses to what it’s about. Ethiopians are in essence not digging for gold but for coffee! Farmers work tirelessly to trade in coffee and teetering on the edges of bankruptcy whilst the world stock exchanges grow rich on the revenues. The prices paid to the working farmers in east Africa are a pittance to what the real value of coffee is worth so whilst you may be searching for the aroma and find black liquid or coffee it’s the end result that counts and that’s liquid gold poppers

Free Poppers

Well not quite Free poppers come at the expense of aquiring some poppers at discounted prices via the store In effect its like visiting the supermarket and buy one get one free syndrome. We of course have liquid gold poppers and in effect you can buy three and get one free. or watch out for the monthly  specials and see lesser known brand names establish them selves by associating themselves with a knwon name such as Jungle Juice or Rush and buying / selling as a poppers pack In effect getting  one of your poppers for free

Ultrastrong Poppers

What better way these days to get the desired effects than by switching to an ultrastrong poppers brand name For example manufacturers such as Rush and jungle juice now both do extrastrong poppers variants and where better to shop than online of course

Pure Gold Poppers

Not only do we supply liquid gold poppers but a sister product with the same manufacturer Pure Gold Very similar but a sweeter aroma and a personal one, as with our liquid gold poppers its a fave with the U.K market and customers who buy these poppers generally stick to their known brand names

Poppers jungle juice

Found another great website that deals in jungle juice poppers and all theother known market leading brand names of poppers including liquid Gold and rush aromas at some great prices!

Jungle Juice Poppers

Our sister website specialises in jungle juice poppers and this month Jungle juice is launching an ultra strong variety of poppers simply called ultra strong jungle juice poppers priced competitively at 5.90 Euros for a bottle of 9ml in size we thing its gong to be a popular choice and so why not when buying your liquid gold think about a secondary trial of this well known brand leader with is new and exciting ultra strong variety

Buy Rush Poppers

One of our sister websites promotes Rush Poppers and so why not buy Rush Poppers there to accompany your Liquid Gold Poppers purchases. PWD is the manufacturer and its like liquid gold a well established brand name and users of Rush tend to be loyal to their brand just like the Liquid Gold fan club

Boy Butter

Now heres a great product to mix it up a bit with your poppers experience Boy Butter currently on special at this months special offers bargain deals.16 Oz of water soluble oil and silicone lubricant and this really could be the best lube in the business and for the business! Priced at less than 20 euros for a tub this Boy Butter really can only bring pleasure to you BIG TIME!